August 3rd, Thursday: Open house 5:30pm-7:30pm

August 7th, Monday: First Day of School

August 18th, Friday: Bring your favorite stuffed animal day

August 23rd, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Red

September 4th, Monday: Labor Day – CLOSED

September 8th, Friday: Grandparents Day Breakfast – 7:45-9:30 AM

September 11th, Monday: Patriot Day – Wear Red, White, Blue

September 20th, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Blue

September 29th, Friday: Teddy Bear Day

October 4th, Wednesday: Show and Tell Day

October 12th, Thursday: National Farmers Day

October 18th, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Orange

October 20th, Friday: Apple Fair

October 27th, Friday: Hat Day

October 31st, Tuesday: Character Dress up Day

November 1st, Wednesday: Show and Tell Day

November 15th, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Brown

November 16th, Friday: Thanksgiving Feast- time TBA

November 22nd - 24th Wednesday - Friday: Thanksgiving Break – CLOSED

December 12th, Tuesday: Christmas Program – 6:30pm

December 15th, Friday: Concept Day – Wear Green

December 20, Wednesday: Happy birthday Jesus Parties!

December 22nd - 26th Friday - Tuesday: Christmas Break – CLOSED

January 1st – 2nd, Monday-Tuesday: New Year’s – CLOSED

January 15th, Monday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – CLOSED

January 19th, Friday: PJ Day

January 24th, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Black and White

February 2nd, Friday: Ground Hog Day

February 14th, Wednesday: Class Valentine’s Day Parties

February 21st, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Pink

February 26th –March 2nd, Monday – Friday: Dr. Seuss Week

Monday 1st, Thursday: Zoo Day

March 21st, Wednesday: Concept Day: Yellow

March 23rd, Friday: PJ Day

March 29th, Thursday: Class Easter Parties

March 30th, Friday: Good Friday – CLOSED

April 20th, Friday: Concept Day – Wear Purple

April 20th, Friday: Donuts with Dads 8am - 10am

May 1st, Tuesday: Spring Program 6:30pm

May 11th, Friday: Mother’s Day Tea Party 10am – 12pm

May 16th, Wednesday: Concept Day – Wear Grey

May 24th, Thursday: End of the Year Parties!

May 25th, Friday: Water Day, Last Day of School

May 28th, Monday: Memorial Day: CLOSED

May 29th, Tuesday: Summer Kick Off

July 4th, Wednesday: July 4th – CLOSED


*Dates and Times are subject to change